For those of you into Ello, I am so excited to have been featured on Your Daily Bread today.  On Ello, if you like someone's work, and want to give appreciation, you give bread.  Your daily bread "Showcases the exceptional and inspiring on Ello." Check it out here!

I just recently spent a bit of time revamping the site to improve gallery viewing, as well as improving the shop.  As you can see the gallery and shop have been separated, and the background colors have been muted to improve image viewing.  I will be adding products to the shop this week as I get some product photos done.  

I have to admit, I am less than fond of Facebook and I regularly debate dropping it entirely.  Twitter is also a network with limited value.  I suppose posting to them is not really harmful, but not that advantageous either.  I just get drowned out in the overwhelming noise these networks offer.  I suppose it will be only a matter of time before Facebook completely ruins Instagram for us.  

So I was very pleased to find Ello, which I have been messing with for the past few months.  It's clean, ad-free, and seems to concentrate more on providing a simple interface.  In the meantime, I'm dropping the follow icons for Facebook and Twitter. (Not the share buttons in the items, just the follow buttons from the footer).

Just a quick post to inform everyone that I'll be doing a calendar giveaway on Facebook as well as Instagram!  The rules are easy and you can find them under our Instagram and Facebook Feeds!