Sam Means from The Format is coming out with some new stuff this summer, and has requested one of my pieces, 'UFO over Julian House,' for album cover art. Not sure if this will be on a single or the actual full album, and frankly I don't care. It's an honor just to be associated with this fantastic composer and musician! If you are not already familiar with him, please go check him out!

These nice guys from ConcepciĆ³n, Chile approached me a few weeks ago about using one of my images for the cover of their debut album. How could I say no?


And here it is! You can catch it in Los Angeles, at the corner of Hollywood and Hillhurst, facing east! Thanks to The Billboard Creative!

Hey! I've just been informed that I will be getting a billboard with "UFO over Julian House" near the end of the month (around 4/20)! It will be in L.A., on a 10'x22' board near sunset junction, Hollywood and Hillhurst, on the Northwest corner facing east. This is thanks to a non-profit art organization called The Billboard Creative ( which has been created to "get new, interesting, innovative artwork of all mediums in front of people, lots of people...." A big thank you is owed to Adam Santelli for his role in founding the project, and offering opportunities like this to artists like myself, as well as Cey Adams and Dee deLara for curating this round of submissions. Thank you all!