I have to admit, I am less than fond of Facebook and I regularly debate dropping it entirely.  Twitter is also a network with limited value.  I suppose posting to them is not really harmful, but not that advantageous either.  I just get drowned out in the overwhelming noise these networks offer.  I suppose it will be only a matter of time before Facebook completely ruins Instagram for us.  

So I was very pleased to find Ello, which I have been messing with for the past few months.  It's clean, ad-free, and seems to concentrate more on providing a simple interface.  In the meantime, I'm dropping the follow icons for Facebook and Twitter. (Not the share buttons in the items, just the follow buttons from the footer).

Just a quick post to inform everyone that I'll be doing a calendar giveaway on Facebook as well as Instagram!  The rules are easy and you can find them under our Instagram and Facebook Feeds!

Welcome to the new Gallery & Blog.  After working for a bit of time with a WordPress installation running Woo Commerce, I decided to build my own gallery blog and shop.  There were a couple of reasons for this.  This first is because WordPress is not a lightweight program.  It tends to be clunky and slow.  Secondly, WordPress really isn't an eCommerce platform.  And WooCommerce, despite giving a valiant effort, is stuck with using objects designed for one thing for far different purposes.  the result is an inelegant system that is a pain to work with (despite having nice UI).  So there!  This new site is very secure, is now using Stripe to processes payments, and is much leaner and meaner for your viewing pleasure.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the new 2015 JPA calendar is out.  You can pick them up here for $25.  Get 12 images of sci-fi goodness to keep you company through this coming year!

I've been running Linux exclusively since 2007, and I have to say that this move has improved my quality of life significantly!  So sleek and fast...  It's a great OS and coupled with a Windows Manager like XFCE4 it makes for a speedy platform.  I keep a windows machine around to print with as the Canon Giclee I have does not play well with Linux, so this provides me ample time to sit and think about how much better Linux is than Windows.  When the Windows machine is booting up, for example, or installing updates, or thinking about doing any simple task that would be instant on Linux.

Every once in a while, however, one runs into annoyances.  For example, printing various types of postage online is a pain in the butt with Linux now, given that many of the services out there use technologies that are insecure or obsolete.  Paypal, for example, has converted all of their postage printing to Java, which Chromium no longer supports.  Stamps.com, will only allow Windows or Mac Clients onto their web-based service.  Etc.. Etc...

So you can imagine how delighted I was to fine EasyPost.  EasyPost is a developer's shipping dream.  This system allowed me to program our own in-house shipping solution for our businesses in the matter of a week.  It gave me the API to customize the features we needed, and only those we needed.  Fantastic.  Plus, their charge is completely reasonable ($0.05 + postage cost per shipment).

If you are a developer, and you need to create a custom shipping solution, I can't recommend EasyPost enough!