It is with great pleasure (probably more than is reasonable) that I would like to announce that I have received the 3rd Bready from Your Daily Bread on Ello.  When Joy Complex announced that they were going to start discovering artists on Ello, featuring them, and then giving a weekly Bready award to one of their featured artists, I thought it was a great idea.  I had no idea, though, that I would actually get one!  Thank you all who voted for me, and thank you Your Daily Bread (and Joy Complex) for awarding me one.  It is a fantastic way to start 2015!

Oh yeah...

How lucky am I? My work has just been featured on @laughingcardinal an Ello online gallery featuring artwork from the Ello community.

For those of you into Ello, I am so excited to have been featured on Your Daily Bread today.  On Ello, if you like someone's work, and want to give appreciation, you give bread.  Your daily bread "Showcases the exceptional and inspiring on Ello." Check it out here!

I just recently spent a bit of time revamping the site to improve gallery viewing, as well as improving the shop.  As you can see the gallery and shop have been separated, and the background colors have been muted to improve image viewing.  I will be adding products to the shop this week as I get some product photos done.